Saturday, March 17, 2012

regret regret

Don't dwell on what you may or may not have done wrong.
Just move forward.

That's the advice I was given by a lovely ladyfriend with whom I was discussing my years of taking birth control pills. I was lamenting the hormonal impact and spiritual consequences of taking these invasive hormones that have been associated over and over again with cancer and other illnesses.

She's right to remind me to look forward rather than back.
I do tend to waste energy on regret.
It's helpful to assess what might be causing present conditions and symptoms but to kick one's self in the butt over and over is usually unproductive.

Hormonally compromised is a different phrase than hormonally healing.

One is full of possibility.
One is a description that might leave one stuck.

Restoring the body to harmonious, dynamic flow is possible.

I am free to move forward.

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