Friday, December 19, 2014

extra credit

Me: What did you do for extra credit?
Student: I gathered a significant amount 
of life force energy 
from the trees, birds, and bees 
in order to unleash a "spirit bomb" 
that would make Goku's 
look like a gas blast
 from Emmanuel Lewis' pet lemur, Mc Guilet.

Yep, that was an actual answer
to my question from a very creative student.
Reason number 1794
why I love
my job!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

give peas a chance

Give peas a chance! Can you fill up the Grand Canyon by tossing bags of frozen peas into it one pea at a time? Well what if you were trying to fill up a container the size of YOU? 

Positive changes are like that. Each choice to think a positive thought, every moment spent with positive people, and all the efforts you make to create success each count as one frozen pea. It might take time to fill up a YOU-sized container but it can be done! 

Keep at it. Keep tossing those peas! 

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

seeing thru to

The world shows up
according to how we look at it.

Are we seeing with a positive outlook or a negative one?
Are we believing in a best case scenario?

How about the unexpected?
Maybe if we made room for positive surprises
they'd show up more.

It all depends on which door
you're walking through
and which reality you're looking to.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

be that professor

Awareness is the state or ability 
to perceive, feel, and to be conscious. 
 This is the first step in the creation process. 
Be aware of how you are feeling, 
this will allow you to see 
what you are thinking...creating. 

My goal is to be that professor
who gets a movie made about her because she motivated and inspired so many students over so many years.

I've got 12 years under my belt! 2015 will be my 13th year as an adjunct professor. I strive to get better and better every year, to deliver more relevant content, and to inspire all who enter my classroom.

Queen Mentor always taught me to build up other people. She operates under the assumption that if you help enough people succeed you will succeed yourself. That's a law of the universe. Help and you will be helped. So, I do.

When I introduced my guest speakers this semester (I had 7 gems this semester!) I told my students that if someone made it to the front of my classroom to speak that must mean they're the best of the best of the best. I am very discerning about whom I allow to talk to my students. They have to be proven, trustworthy, and have the best of intentions for helping my students succeed. I've kept to those high standards and my guests have surpassed my expectations.

I hold myself to high standards as well. If I don't get better with each semester, get more positive responses from students, gain and inspire more confidence, then I don't feel I did my job. I will not settle for good. I maintain my aim toward exceptional.

Over the past few days as our classes come to an end I'm told by students that I've delivered an excellent, memorable classroom experience, that they loved me and the guest speakers I brought in. They felt cared for and empowered.

I'm doing my job like it's my job!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

door key from Thought in Motion

We always have a choice
to go through the negative door or the positive door!
This applies to our thoughts and actions and even our feelings if we can control them.

How many seconds in a day do we spend actually choosing to be positive? Intentional?

 Thanks to the Thought Coaches from Thought in Motion for a wonderful talk on the last night of class at Bergen!

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

When the idea of Should Not keeps us stuck

"...something happened to you 
and you said this to yourself  
‘it shouldn’t have happened’ 
and you never got over it.' 
Additionally, many people assume 
when they go through troubled times 
it’s a sign they are on the wrong path,
 but often things we deem “bad” 
can turn out to be exactly what we needed...
There is a lot more pain 
that comes from answered prayers 
then unanswered ones.
If people really got what they wanted,
 they would be in deep grief. 
This is why they say 
‘be careful what you pray for, 
you might get it.’ 
There is a lot of wisdom 
in trusting.
 I don’t always know 
what is in my own best interest.”
We cause ourselves more pain and keep ourselves stuck when we believe that something shouldn't have happened to us.
That's a tough one to wrap one's mind around. When something "bad" happens to us we believe it shouldn't have happened.

Saying "should"might make sense in hindsight because we needed to get here to the now of our lives. Saying "shouldn't" reflects our need for justice but it keeps us stuck.

Here is my interpretation of what Myss was telling us about letting go of that kind of thinking...

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ego has a purpose

Ego creates the illusion of separateness which can cause us suffering
ego can inspire us to succeed!
When those dangerous 10 words,
"What will other people think?
What will other people say?"
can help us to be better...

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