Monday, January 11, 2016

New Website!

New Website!

New Blog!!

Read my book on how I triumphed over the odds including medical abuse, discrimination, fat-bashing, eating disorders, and depression!
"Losing 140 Pounds the Hard Way: My First Year After Weight Loss Surgery"
by Lisa Sargese

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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Lisa's Book is published!

It is accomplished.
My first book is available for sale in paperback and on Kindle!

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This book chronicles my first year after the gastric bypass. It's a hardcore memoir about addiction, recovery, body image issues, depression, and what happens when weight loss surgery isn't enough.

It's not about losing weight per se, but about the emotional impact of weight loss surgery and the life leading up to it.

Keep a look out for my new website (includes a blog!!) coming very soon

and look for my future books!

Still Fat After All That: When Weight Loss Surgery Isn't Enough

From Wheelchair to Warrior: My Battle for Health and Wholeness

Halfway to Skinny: How Our Bodies Follow Our Mind

and hypnosis and meditation DVDs and MP3s!

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