Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nuts in Hand

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Do you have any idea how hard it is to resist a craving??
Ok, well maybe if you're a reader of this blog
you know EXACTLY how hard it is to resist a craving!

I had a late lunch after class:
grass fed beef burger (just the meat, no bread)
organic ketchup
duck and pork liver pate (like a tablespoonful)
2 raw yellow peppers with celtic sea salt
3 dill pickles

Nice and filling.
Totally nourishing.

But I wasn't settled.
I wanted chocolate.

I talked myself out of the chocolate.
Hooray for like 2 seconds of being chocolate-less.
Then a new craving kicked in and all I could imagine was popcorn slathered in raw butter (the butter is not my problem, the popcorn is).

I ate another pepper hoping I'd be soooooooo full I wouldn't want the carbs.

It didn't work.
I still wanted something crunchy, salty and carby.

Thank God for crispy nuts!!
They're on the protein-y side of carby,
wonderfully nutritious,
salty and satisfying
and handy!!

That's love of self for ya.
Preparing food in advance knowing you'll be hungry for it in the future
than grabbing whatever's easy (cuz if it's easy or prepackaged it's probably not super nutritious).

My nuts soak overnight to remove the anti-nutrients and make them easier to digest (click here)
then roast in a low oven (175 degrees F)
for 8 - 10 hours.
Then they stay fresh for weeks.

I toss them into my lunch box,
and keep a container in my car for quick snacking.
They've always struck me as a portable food,
so when I was craving
like a monster just now

like Cookie Monster without his cookies
I had to remind myself that it was OK to eat the nuts that were in my purse!!

And it is OK
and I am
eating my crispy nuts.


Let's hope I have a strategy that works later in the evening when
I get monster-y for something sweet!

*Lisa's Video Pick of the Day*
Soak your nuts.
The nut will think it's growing into a tree!
Don't believe me?
Listen to Elaina Love all the way from Hawaii!!
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Cara said...

I totally agree! We're doing GAPS/Specific Carbohydrate Diet right now, and I really love crispy nuts. Between the soaked/salted almonds and coconut oil, I'm able to get over my cravings.

Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

My problem is that I do like a little chocolate with my crispy nuts for an extra yummy treat! I don't do it very often, though. :)

Thanks, Lisa!