Friday, June 05, 2009

Healthy Breakfast Cereal...oxymoron

"The rats eating the box became lethargic and eventually died of malnutrition. But the rats receiving the corn flakes and water died before the rats that were eating the box! (The last corn flake rat died the day the first box rat died.) But before death, the corn flake rats developed schizophrenic behavior, threw fits, bit each other and finally went into convulsions."

- Sally Fallon
in "Puffed Grains and Breakfast Cereals:
Should we eat them?"

"Fast-made bread is one of the most destructive implementations into the modern diet. It has become normal fare, and poorly-prepared and poorly-digested wheat is the chief contributor to the current plague of 'gluten-intolerance', obesity, diabetes, candida diseases and many allergenic conditions... Breads are still made this way, even the so-called health breads!"
- Bread Dread: Are you Really Gluten Intolerant?

"When we got married the registry wouldn’t let me put Super Hero as my occupation, they put Home Duties on our marriage certificate instead. But I AM a Super Hero and my Super Hero name is…The Nourisher."
- Nourished Magazine

It's not that I'm anti-carb.
I'm PRO carb.
Carbs include: fruits, vegetables, nuts and dairy.
Yes, those are carbs.

Eliminating grains from my diet is not some wacky stance against carbs.
It's an informed stance against grains and how awful they made me feel.

Even the whole grains made me feel spacey and weak.
I was always hungry.
I never felt sated.
I'd have to eat 3 giant bowls of brown rice before I'd want to stop eating, mostly from exhaustion rather than feeling full.

My poor pancreas, worn out as it is, was tired from pumping out too much insulin over the course of the day. My ppor body was always fighting fighting fighting to maintain an even blood sugar. The grains drained me.
I was suffering from grain drain.

I remember when I became too weak to exercise.
After working out 6 days a week for almost a year I stopped losing weight and was ravenous all the time. My blog reflects the changes in my diet at that time. I loaded on more brown rice and tofu hoping to supply more energy. It didn't work.

"...if your insulin is elevated
and you don’t change your diet to bring it down,
exercising will most likely just deplete your body of fuel
– and your body will fight
to hang onto those big batteries it needs
by conserving fuel any way it can. "

- Fat Head Blog by Tom Naughton

The "big batteries" Tom is talking about in the above quote??
Body fat.
The big batteries are our own fat cells.

My high insulin levels from my grain/starch/carb heavy diet made me lethargic.
Go figure.

So why is the FDA pushing grains (and the oh so virtuous "whole" grains) as being the base of the food pyramid?

Must have something to do with money
cuz health doesn't seem to concern them.

If the FDA had our health as their priority they wouldn't allow Total to put metal filings in their cereal. Don't believe me?
Watch today's video.

Someone on YouTube actually defended the iron filings in cereal saying that our stomach acid mixes with the iron shavings to make iron that our bodies can absorb.
Pardon me for expecting my food to actually contain iron rather than have it added back in artificially.
Expecting the stomach acid to turn metal into food is a swell idea if you have enough stomach acid.
Children, the elderly and folks like me with compromised digestive tracts don't have enough enzymes to break down the metal shavings in the cereal (do we really have to think about the down side of having metal filings in our food?)

Something is wrong with the process of making cereal when the manufacturer has to "fortify" it by adding spray-on vitamins to make their cardboard product into a semi-food product.
Total has 100% of the daily allowances of vitamins because they spray them onto the dead waste they're passing off as cereal.

And don't write me telling me how wonderful Kashi is.
Go read Sally Fallon's articles on the extrusion process (click here)
or the article on puffed cereals (click here)
or a concerned mother's blog about Cheerios and Go Lean (click here)
then tell me how a God-awful product not meant to be consumed daily
is skanking it's way onto our breakfast tables
fully endorsed by the corrupt FDA.

I'm done listening to the wrong advice.
My body is my witness.
I've lived through all the stuff that doesn't work
and gave myself some nice malnourishment, morbid obesity, diabetes and adrenal fatigue
for my trouble.

No more cereal or granola for a long long time.

What have I consumed so far today?
A heaping teaspoon of cocunut oil,
a teaspoon of fermented cod liver oil,
an Amish breakfast sausage,
a mug of tea with Almond milk (almond milk is a fragmented food, I know, I know!) and I'm about to have some sort of high fat protein.

Check in with me a year from now and see if I've finally found the right way to eat.

*Lisa's Video Pick of the Day*
Is there NOTHING left on the Supermarket shelves,
which we have to be constantly vigilant about?
That's why 80% of my food budget goes to a small, local, biodynamic farmer.
My body is my witness.
If you're having cereal for breakfast,
enjoy your metal filings!
click here or click below

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Val said...

I wanted to come over here & gush about Tom Naughton's blog, but obviously you've already found it!
Hope you are feeling better soon; I'm still suffering the low-grade headache/fatigue from detox...