Sunday, March 04, 2012

benchmark prayers

I remember going to Mass and having to sit through the entire service because I was unable to stand.
I remember going to Mass when I was able to stand but it hurt so badly I prayed the entire time I was on my feet, hoping the minutes would go faster.
I remember going to Mass and leaning on a cane to go up and receive the blessing.

Tonight I stood at Mass and prayed for my heart to heal and my behavior to heal and for relationships to heal and then...I remembered to be grateful that I was standing
no cane,
no wheelchair,
no severe pain (just appropriate soreness)
no dread,
no begging God to release me from the pain.

Sometimes you don't have to beg,.
Sometimes you just have to work...and wait.
Sometimes you have to trust that everything will work the way it's supposed to work.
Sometimes you have to believe that the rough times are going to polish you smooth so you can shine into a more blessed way of living.

I prayed gratitude.
I am grateful for
all my blessings,
for all my trials,
 for all the patience people show me when I make mistakes,
for my blessed life in general,
and for the purification of my heart.


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