Saturday, February 18, 2012


For the first time in 10 years my university has forgotten to pay me.
I'm on direct deposit and rarely check to see if/when my pay has gone through.
That's a mistake I won't make again.
My rent check bounced because I wrote it against funds I thought were there but weren't.

I was so hurt, shocked, angry and upset when I discovered this mess.

I sent the requisite emails and I'm sure things will be taken care of, but I'm still shaken by the event.

My chest felt like it was full of hornets.

Quickly I fetched my Peace and Calming oil and inhaled a couple of drops from my palms.
It helped.

Now I'm going to drink some orange juice with salt in it to combat the adrenaline response.

Deep breathing too.

I tell my students that we have control of our Effort our Attitude and our Response to life events. I will now do my best to set a good example.

*Lisa's Video Pick of the Day*
Orange juice with salt downregulates adrenaline and cortisol.
It does lots of other awesome stuff too.
Listen to Josh.
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